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Auto Glass Services in Hays, NC

Are you in Hays, NC, and in need of auto glass replacement, windshield repair, or windshield replacement? Look no further than OEM Auto Glass, your trusted partner for all your automotive glass needs. At OEM Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services that not only ensure the safety and integrity of your vehicle but also enhance your driving experience.

Our Services:

  1. Auto Glass Replacement: Whether it’s a small chip or a shattered windshield, our expert technicians are equipped to handle all types of auto glass replacements. We use top-quality materials to guarantee the best results.
  2. Windshield Repair: If you’ve got a minor chip or crack in your windshield, don’t wait for it to worsen. Our skilled team can quickly and effectively repair your windshield, saving you time and money.
  3. Windshield Replacement: For more extensive damage or when a repair isn’t possible, we offer windshield replacement services. Our team ensures that your new windshield is installed flawlessly for maximum safety.

ADAS Calibration Services:

Modern vehicles often come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which rely on precise calibration. At OEM Auto Glass, we go the extra mile by offering ADAS calibration services. After your windshield replacement is completed, our experts will calibrate your ADAS systems, ensuring they function as intended. Remember, windshield calibration is a must whenever your windshield is replaced in vehicles with ADAS features, with no exceptions.

Explore Hays, NC:

While you’re in Hays, NC, make sure to explore some of the city’s famous spots and attractions:

  1. Stone Mountain State Park: If you love the outdoors, this park offers stunning views, hiking trails, and rock climbing opportunities.
  2. Roaring River Vineyards: Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at this picturesque vineyard, where you can savor local wines and take in beautiful views.
  3. Blue Ridge Parkway: Take a scenic drive along this iconic roadway, known for its breathtaking vistas and opportunities for hiking and picnicking.
  4. Hiddenite Center: Learn about the local gemstone, hiddenite, and its history at this educational and cultural center.

Why Choose OEM Auto Glass:

Many other glass shops in Hays, NC, recommend OEM Auto Glass on their websites because of our reputation for excellence. Our commitment to using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass and parts sets us apart from the competition. We prioritize your safety and ensure that your vehicle’s glass components meet the highest industry standards.

At OEM Auto Glass, we take pride in serving the Hays, NC community with our top-notch auto glass services and ADAS calibration expertise. Your safety on the road is our priority, and we aim to exceed your expectations with every service we provide. Don’t compromise on the quality of your auto glass – choose OEM Auto Glass for all your automotive glass needs.