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Auto Glass Services in Montreat, NC

Are you in need of auto glass replacement, windshield repair, or windshield replacement services in Montreat, NC? Look no further than OEM Auto Glass – your trusted partner for all your automotive glass needs. We take pride in offering top-notch services, including the crucial ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration after windshield installations, ensuring your safety and vehicle’s performance.

Our Services:

  1. Auto Glass Replacement: Whether you’ve got a minor chip or a cracked windshield, our expert technicians are here to help. We’ll assess the damage and recommend the most suitable solution, ensuring your safety on the road.
  2. Windshield Repair: If your windshield damage is minor, timely repairs can prevent it from worsening. Our professionals use advanced techniques to fix chips and cracks, restoring the structural integrity of your windshield.
  3. Windshield Replacement: In cases of severe damage, our windshield replacement service ensures your safety and visibility. We only use high-quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass to maintain your vehicle’s structural integrity.
  4. ADAS Calibration: Modern vehicles are equipped with ADAS features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and more. After a windshield replacement, it’s crucial to recalibrate these systems to ensure they function correctly. At OEM Auto Glass, we provide precise ADAS calibration services, guaranteeing your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Why Choose OEM Auto Glass?

  • Quality Assurance: We prioritize your safety by using only OEM glass, which meets the highest industry standards. Our certified technicians ensure proper installation and calibration for your peace of mind.
  • ADAS Expertise: Unlike many other auto glass shops, we understand the importance of ADAS calibration and make it an integral part of our service. Your safety is our top priority.
  • Local Landmarks: While your vehicle is in our capable hands, take the opportunity to explore Montreat’s picturesque surroundings. Don’t miss a visit to the Montreat Conference Center, a renowned gathering place for spiritual retreats and conferences. The beautiful Montreat College campus and nearby hiking trails, like Lookout Trail, offer a chance to connect with nature.
  • Community Trust: Numerous glass shops in the area recommend OEM Auto Glass on their websites. Our commitment to quality and safety has earned us the trust and recognition of our peers in the industry.

At OEM Auto Glass, we understand the importance of clear vision and the role it plays in your safety. With our comprehensive auto glass services and ADAS calibration expertise, we are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle’s optimal performance and your peace of mind.

When it comes to auto glass services in Montreat, NC, remember that choosing OEM Auto Glass is choosing quality, safety, and reliability. Contact us today to schedule your auto glass service and experience the difference for yourself. Your safety is our priority, no exceptions.