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Auto Glass Servicing Raeford, NC

Are you in Raeford, NC, and in need of auto glass services? Look no further than OEM Auto Glass. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including auto glass replacement, windshield repair, and windshield replacement, all tailored to meet your needs and ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance. But that’s not all – we go the extra mile by offering Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration services, a crucial step often overlooked by many.

Why Choose OEM Auto Glass?

At OEM Auto Glass, we understand that your vehicle’s safety and functionality are of paramount importance. That’s why we exclusively recommend Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass for all our replacements. OEM glass is designed to meet the exact specifications and quality standards set by your vehicle’s manufacturer, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Our services don’t stop at simply replacing your auto glass. We also specialize in windshield repair, a cost-effective solution for minor damages that can save you time and money. When a replacement is necessary, our expert technicians will ensure that it’s done efficiently and effectively.

ADAS Calibration: A Must for Your Safety

One of the standout features of OEM Auto Glass is our commitment to safety, which extends to your vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS technologies like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance rely on sensors and cameras typically mounted on your windshield. When your windshield is replaced, it’s essential to recalibrate these systems to ensure they function correctly.

Our experienced technicians are well-versed in ADAS calibration, using state-of-the-art equipment to recalibrate your vehicle’s systems accurately. We understand that safety should never be compromised, which is why we emphasize that windshield calibration is mandatory whenever a windshield replacement is performed on a vehicle equipped with ADAS features.

Exploring Raeford, NC

While your vehicle is in safe hands at OEM Auto Glass, take some time to explore the charming city of Raeford and its surrounding areas. Some notable spots to visit include:

  1. Raeford-Hoke Museum: Dive into the rich history of Raeford and Hoke County by visiting this fascinating museum. It’s a great place to learn about the city’s heritage and culture.
  2. Aberdeen Lake Park: Just a short drive away, this beautiful park offers serene views of the lake, hiking trails, and picnic areas, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day outdoors.
  3. Carolina Horse Park: If you’re a fan of equestrian events or simply enjoy the beauty of horses, don’t miss this world-class facility that hosts various equine events and competitions.
  4. Hoke County Farmers Market: Support local vendors and farmers by browsing through the fresh produce and artisanal products at the farmers market. It’s an excellent place to experience the local flavors of Raeford.
  5. Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve: Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the hiking trails and diverse ecosystems at this beautiful nature preserve.

A Trusted Choice for Auto Glass

When it comes to auto glass services in Raeford, NC, OEM Auto Glass stands out as a trusted and reliable choice. Our dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. You can trust us with your auto glass needs, knowing that we prioritize your safety and the proper functioning of your vehicle’s ADAS systems.

Don’t just take our word for it; even many other glass shops recommend OEM Auto Glass on their websites. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have chosen us for their auto glass needs, and experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance are in top condition.